Numerical Solution of SDE Through Computer Experiments

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Dezember 2002



The book provides an easily accessible computationally oriented introduction into the numerical solution of stochastic differential equations using computer experiments. It develops in the reader an ability to apply numerical methods solving stochastic differential equations in their own fields. Furthermore, it creates an intuitive understanding of the necessary theoretical background from stochastic and numeric analysis. The book is related to the more theoretical monograph P.E. Kloeden and E. Platen, Numerical Solution of Stochastic Differential Equations, 1992, but can be independently used. It provides solutions to over 100 exercises used in this monograph to illustrate the theory. Corresponding Turbo Pascal programs are given on a floppy disk; furthermore commentaries on the programs and their use are carefully worked out in the book.


1: Background on Probability and Statistics.- 1.1 Probability and Distributions.- 1.2 Random Number Generators.- 1.3 Moments and Conditional Expectations.- 1.4 Random Sequences.- 1.5 Testing Random Numbers.- 1.6 Markov Chains as Basic Stochastic Processes.- 1.7 Wiener Processes.- 2: Stochastic Differential Equations.- 2.1 Stochastic Integration.- 2.2 Stochastic Differential Equations.- 2.3 Stochastic Taylor Expansions.- 3: Introduction to Discrete Time Approximation.- 3.1 Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations.- 3.2 A Stochastic Discrete Time Simulation.- 3.3 Pathwise Approximation and Strong Convergence.- 3.4 Approximation of Moments and Weak Convergence.- 3.5 Numerical Stability.- 4: Strong Approximations.- 4.1 Strong Taylor Schemes.- 4.2 Explicit Strong Schemes.- 4.3 Implicit Strong Approximations.- 4.4 Simulation Studies.- 5: Weak Approximations.- 5.1 Weak Taylor Schemes.- 5.2 Explicit Weak Schemes and Extrapolation Methods.- 5.3 Implicit Weak Approximations.- 5.4 Simulation Studies.- 5.5 Variance Reducing Approximations.- 6: Applications.- 6.1 Visualization of Stochastic Dynamics.- 6.2 Testing Parametric Estimators.- 6.3 Filtering.- 6.4 Functional Integrals and Invariant Measures.- 6.5 Stochastic Stability and Bifurcation.- 6.6 Simulation in Finance.- References.- List of PC-Exercises.- Frequently Used Notations.


Professor Eckhard Platen is a joint appointment between the School of Finance and Economics and the Department of Mathematical Sciences to the 1997 created Chair in Quantitative Finance at the University of Technology Sydney. Prior to this appointment he was Founding Head of the Centre for Financial Mathematics at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the Australian National University in Canberra. He completed a PhD in Mathematics at the Technical University in Dresden in 1975 and obtained in 1985 his Dr. sc. from the Academy of Sciences in Berlin, where he headed at the Weierstrass Institute the Sector of Stochastics. He is co-author of two successful books on Numerical Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations, published by Springer Verlag, and has authored more than 100 research papers in quantitative finance and mathematics.
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