Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights

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April 2015



This book brings together a set of essays on the philosophical foundations of human rights, along with critical replies. It is the first comprehensive survey of the topic, comprising of research essays from academics in the fields of law, philosophy, international relations, social science and economics


Rowan Cruft, S. Matthew Liao and Massimo Renzo: Introduction: the Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights;
Human Rights' Foundations;
1 John Tasioulas: On the Foundations of Human Rights;
2 Onora O'Neill: Response to John Tasioulas;
3 S. Matthew Liao: Human Rights as Fundamental Conditions for a Good Life;
4 Rowan Cruft: From a Good Life to Human Rights: Some Complications;
5 Jeremy Waldron: Is Dignity the Foundation of Human Rights?;
6 A. John Simmons: Human Rights, Natural Rights, and Human Dignity;
7 James W. Nickel: Personal Deserts and Human Rights;
8 Zofia Stemplowska: Desert and Human Rights: Response to James W. Nickel;
9 Carol Gould: A Social Ontology of Human Rights;
10 Pablo Gilabert: Human Rights, Human Dignity, and Power;
Human Rights in Law and Politics;
11 Joseph Raz: Human Rights in the Emerging World Order;
12 David Miller: Joseph Raz on Human Rights: A Critical Appraisal;
13 Allen Buchanan: Why International Legal Human Rights?;
14 David Luban: Response to Buchanan;
15 Samantha Besson: Human Rights and Constitutional Law: Patterns of Mutual Validation and Legitimation;
16 Saladin Meckled-Garcia: Response to Besson;
17 George Letsas: Rescuing Proportionality;
18 Guglielmo Verdirame: Response to Letsas;
Canonical and Contested Human Rights;
19 Corey Brettschneider: Free Speech as an Inverted Right and Democratic Persuasion;
20 Larry Alexander: Free Speech and Democratic Persuasion;
21 Lorenzo Zucca: Prince or Pariah? The place of Freedom of Religion in a system of International human rights;
22 Robert Audi: Freedom of Religion Conceived as a Human Right;
23 Liora Lazarus: The Right to Security;
24 Victor Tadros: Rights and Security;
25 Thomas Christiano: Self Determination and the Human Right to Democracy;
26 Fabienne Peter: A Human Right to Democracy?;
27 Jonathan Wolff: The Content of the Human Right to Health;
28 Kimberley Brownlee: Do We have a Human Right to the Political Determinants of Health?;
29 Elizabeth Ashford: A Moral Inconsistency Argument for a Basic Human Right to Subsistence;
30 Charles R. Beitz: The Force of Subsistence Rights;
Human Rights: Concerns and Alternatives31 James Griffin: The Relativity and Ethnocentricity of Human Rights;
32 Massimo Renzo: Human Needs, Human Rights, and Parochialism;
33 Katrin Flikschuh: Human Rights in Kantian Mode: a Sketch;
34 Andrea Sangiovanni: Why There Cannot Be A Truly Kantian Theory of Human Rights;
35 Jiwei Ci: Liberty Rights and the Limits of Liberal Democracy;
36 Simon Hope: Human Rights without the Human Good? A Reply to Ci;
37 Virginia Held: Care and Human Rights;
38 Susan Mendus: Care and Human Rights: A Reply to Virginia Held


Cruft, Rowan/ Liao, S. Matthew/ Renzo, Massimo
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