Feminism, Science, and the Philosophy of Science

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August 1997



Feminism, Science, and the Philosophy of Science brings together original essays by both feminist and mainstream philosophers of science that examine issues at the intersections of feminism, science, and the philosophy of science. Contributors explore parallels and tensions between feminist approaches to science and other approaches in the philosophy of science and more general science studies. In so doing, they explore notions at the heart of the philosophy of science, including the nature of objectivity, truth, evidence, cognitive agency, scientific method, and the relationship between science and values.


Introduction. Part One: Historical Overview: Logical Empiricism and Feminist Empiricism. The Feminism Question in the Philosophy of Science; R.N. Giere. Revaluing Science: Starting from the Practices of Women; N. Tuana. Part Two: Feminist and Mainstream Philosophy of Science: Continuities and Tensions. Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Values in Science: Rethinking the Dichotomy; H.E. Longino. The Last Dogma of Empiricism? J. Nelson. Science as Social? - Yes and No; S. Haack. Empiricism without Dogmas; L. Hankinson Nelson. Underdetermination Undeterred; E. Potter. The Relativism Question in Feminist Epistemology; I. Niiniluoto. Part Three: Feminist Philosophy of Science and the Sociology of Knowledge, Social Constructivism, and the Debate over Science Studies. Meeting the Universe Halfway: Realism and Social Constructivism without Contradiction; K. Barad. Feminism and the Social Construction of Scientific Knowledge; J. Rouse. Science and Anti-Science: Objectivity and its Real Enemies; E.A. Lloyd. Part Four: Views from Multicultural and Global Feminisms, and from Feminist Phenomenology. Multicultural and Global Feminist Philosophies of Science: Resources and Challenges; S. Harding. Woman - Nature, Product, Style? Rethinking the Foundations of Feminist Philosophy of Science; S. Heinämaa. Contributors.
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