The Bloomsbury Companion to Philosophical Logic

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Covering stages in the history of logic and of modern logic, this comprehensive companion looks ahead to new areas of research and explores issues pertaining to classical logic and its rivals, semantics for parts of natural language, and the application of logic in the theory of rationality.


Part I. Introduction Leon Horsten and Richard Pettigrew
Part II. A to Z of Key Terms and Concepts Leon Horsten and Richard Pettigrew
Part III. Research Methods and Problems Leon Horsten and Richard Pettigrew
Part IV. Current Research and Issues Leon Horsten and Richard Pettigrew i. An Introduction to Classical Logic Vann McGee
1. Classical Logic and its Rivals ii. Identity and Existence C. Anthony Anderson iii. Quantification and Descriptions Bernard Linsky iv. Second-order Logic ystein Linnebo v. Indeterminacy and Vagueness Richard Dietz vi. Negation Edwin Mares vii. Games in Logic Gabriel Sandu
2. Extensional and Intensional Extensions of Classical Logic viii. Mereology Karl-Georg Niebergall ix. The Logic of Necessity John Burgess x. Tense or Temporal Logic Thomas M ller
3. Semantics for Parts of Natural Language xi. Truth and Paradox Volker Halbach and Leon Horsten xii. Conditionals Igor Douven
4. Logic in the Theory of Rationality xiii. Probability and its Interpretations Richard Pettigrew xiv. Inductive Logic Jeff Paris xv. Belief Revision Horacio Arl Costa and Arthur Paul Pedersen xvi. Epistemic Logic Paul Egr xvii. The Logic of Decision Paul Weirich
Part V. New Directions Leon Horsten and Richard Pettigrew
Part VI. Resources Leon Horsten and Richard Pettigrew
Part VII. Bibliography Subject Index Author Index


Leon Horsten is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Bristol, UK. Richard Pettigrew is a Reader in Philosophy at the University of Bristol, UK.
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