Writing for Her Life: The Novelist Mildred Walker

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This biography of the author of 13 celebrated novels is also Hugo's search for the writing life of a mother known to her children as a socially correct middle-class doctor's wife rather than as the ambitious novelist she was as well. 14 photos.


Ripley Hugo is a poet and a faculty affiliate in the English Department at the University of Montana. She is the coeditor of Richard Hugo's essays, "The Real West Marginal Way: A Poet's Autobiography."


"Written with heart and intelligence, eschewing sentimentalism, Writing for Her Life will be an invaluable resource for all fans of Mildred Walker and for all who are interested in the complex nature of a writer's creative process." Molly Gloss, author of Wild Life and The Jump-Off Creek "In this elegant memoir, Ripley Hugo explores both the work and the life of her baffling, accomplished mother. The result is a character study so provocative and mysterious that it feels like the core of a novel that Mildred Walker herself would have been proud to write." Deirdre McNamer, author of My Russian "Lucent and densely satisfying, a gift equally for the casual reader, the writer, or more serious scholar of Walker's texts."--Claire Davis, author of Winter Range
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