2001 Race Odyssey

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Dezember 2002



This collection of works is a comprehensive look at the African American way of life, African American scholarship, and African American sociologists. These seventeen essays by African American sociologists bring into sharp focus the continuing significance of racism in America as it affects the lives and opportunities of African Americans and all Americans in the new century.


"Toward Cultural Pluralism and Economic Justice," Bruce R. Hare; "Performing Blackness: What African Americans Can Teach Sociology About Race," Sarah Susannah Willie; "Myrdal, Park, and Second Generation African American Sociologists," Donald Cunnigen; "Deconstructing the Bell Curve: Racism, Classism, and Intelligence in America," Howard F. Taylor; "Sociology: After the Linguistic and Multicultural Turns," Paget Henry "Black Youth at Risk," Bruce R. Hare; "Work, Family, and Black Women's Oppression," Patricia Hill-Collins; "African American Family Life in Societal Context," Walter R. Allen; "Race, Class, and Educational Opportunity," Edgar G. Epps; "Racial Classification in Criminology: The Reproduction of Racialize Crime," Jeanette Covington; "Black Immigrants: The Experience of Invisibility and Inequality, Reintroduced," Roy Simon Bryce-Laporte; "Sociology of 'Primitive Societies,' Evolutionism, and Africa," S. N. Sangmpam; "Globalization and the African Experience," Pade Badru; "Dominant and Subdominant People of Power: A New Way of Conceptualizing Minority and Majority Populations," Charles V. Willie; "The Historical Black Freedom Struggle: The Legacy of Challenges of Contemporary Inequality," Aldon Morris; "The Social Situation of the Black Executive: Black and White Identities in the Corporate World," Elijah Anderson; "The United States: A Study in Political-Class Racism," Joseph W. Scott
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