Work It, Girl!: 101 Tips for the Hip Working Chick

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Mai 2003



A witty guide for women in the workplace. From waitresses to Wall Street brokers, as more and more women join the workforce, there is one truth about work they didn't expect and can't escape - it's often boring or overwhelming or sometimes both at once! As a result, career gals today are in desperate need of advice on how to make their jobs more fun, efficient, and satisfying. The helpful, humorous hints packed into "Work It, Girl!" show them how to do just that. Divided into minichapters - each covering a single tip - this quick, clever read follows the course of a career chick's workday, from safe on-the-road makeup application to postwork massage and manicure. Inventive and irreverent workday survival strategies cover a range of issues, including navigating office stereotypes, lobbying for better vending machine treats, and working off mid-afternoon blahs with the ultimate desk butt crunch. An essential cubicle companion for every working woman who needs the occasional laugh to keep it all in perspective.


Wendy Burt and Erin Kindberg are freelance writers. Together they authored the wellreceived Oh, Solo Mia!
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