Poolscaping: Gardening and Landscaping Around Your Swimming Pool and Spa

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April 2003



Bare stark swimming pools are going the way of the dinosaur. Landscape designer Erler presents this inspiring book overflowing with ideas and practical advice on how to make a pool the lush centerpiece of any property with plants, lighting, and artwork. Photos & illustrations.


Diving into Catriona Tudor Erler s book on dressing up your pool is cool. "Arizona Republic" "" A swimming pool can be more than a big blue hole "Poolscaping" helps readers turn it into a retreat. "Atlanta Journal-Constitution" a wealth of ideas on how to make the swimming pool a backyard showpiece. " Phoenix Home & Garden" "" encourages an appealing integration of water and land. "Publishers Weekly" Excellent photographs give the book a can t-put-it-down quality. "Washington Post" rich with photos for inspiration, but there are plenty of specifics, such as plant recommendations, how-to instructions and tips for dealing with challenges. Milwaukee "Journal Sentinel " "" [T]his book will inspire you to create a design that meets your needs for both practicality and beauty. "The American Gardener" From the latest trends to advice on plantings, waterfalls and fountains, "Poolscaping "will help add some splash to your summer. "Maryland Washington Virginia Home & Design"
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