Chemical Wedding

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November 2002



"Chemical Wedding" is the winner of the 2002 Colorado Prize for Poetry.


Wishing out of the disappearing I vanish; As when all this is going on I hear hands; Hot thread original hiss; Built she in two dollar wedding do vow; Signs not seen on songback making floating; Green blottering wintering disappearing; Painted and if she so blooms twin wild pearl; Raft now sees elsewhere declaring ears; Man called still spinning; Speed of red light and dog breathing free; View enters woman only absence; Womanmade twilight drinks her anteloping lack of edens; Yellow it will hang if never we still life; Swim sawn fills paper feet; Please pass the aggression and preferably; To word and moon sun jackslips; Curious punishments gone hunting humans; Men coming; 2 a.m. woman enters boy room bar and pays; Thank God he's a country boy passing sky; On walk jumps sticky; Syncline some widthier climbing; Around evolution random waving help; Alien breasts in exaggerated perfume from B.C. to; Girls still paper boy kittens sanitary virgin; Dog finds crow unserious; What final god dog food feet damn blessing; History met drunk ocean bitter baby drunk; Sugar smashing slenders re-reversing never garden; Meanwhile on sea unhearable; Tickles rusty knees touch; To dream your oral universe diving lie!; Mercy swirl below neck throws paper dice; Seeing I know because I have seen it left be; Ha new born easy angels lugging; Idyl grown burned wanting; Travelogue #9-X : glossy vacation hero missing!; Summer glass dashes scraping opposites; Sum our only blue; Sprung faulty silvers on wild hem; Womanwho earth hung visualises perfectly; Travelogue #122-K : shiny photographs legs her; Abstract missing its looked upon fire hips; Say to not the watering this is a space talk!; Falling meant to love you for your body money; Tail of lacy fits wag my flat sink; Travelogue #6-B : living inarticulate exit; Some think gardyloo some try on smiles; Travelogue #9-V : I-80 Amoco rubies burning ink; Accident of error king; Travelogue #78-H : one week of words out free; Last living splits familiar thuds yelping oak; Limb yard freed of voicy hat black scissoring; Dreamweek in luxury jars I yell in candy thrown war; New teeth conspire his dead sex coiled; Hoagie day biggest tits unspeaking murder; Hand maps her working mechanical circles; One hard moon on mine all waiting glued; Travelogue #909-V : neatly smoking up her going; It from falling after man with blue guitar; Black hat on 1952 fortunately yellow chair; Open letter to Mr. Ferdnand Laeger, with response; Greetings words because I am using America; So wot ar wordz making fansy o literally!; From grasses eyes sing nudes they believe in; I ker-chink a dime into the machine and; Travelogue #402-K : drive by (fooey foo) yet yet; Tonight only at curtain famous in odd America; It takes two of them and so no flying into it; Her tall throat sees into his only ghost; Autobiography of future warmed from behind; Early logic confuses ruin on butter tattoo; Five-ku on sooner holey heaven; Moving makes red cancelled opposite horizon; For you were born McAsian blue buttering invisible clans; Once we know everything your future math; Travelogue #3-V : failure of paradise unending; After October of another time and bob into.


Robyn Ewing is a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop and the Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars. This is her first collection.


"Chemical Wedding is a startling debut collection. Wild and wonderfully unpredictable in its motions of mind, in its curiosities, and in the wide-ranging array of its experiences, it is differently wild in its voicing and formal strategies. It is rare to find a first book so mature and yet so sturdily and willfully original."
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