Logic, Language and Reasoning

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th This volume is dedicated to Dov Gabbay who celebrated his 50 birthday in October 1995. Dov is one of the most outstanding and most productive researchers we have ever met. He has exerted a profound influence in major fields of logic, linguistics and computer science. His contributions in the areas of logic, language and reasoning are so numerous that a comprehensive survey would already fill half of this book. Instead of summarizing his work we decided to let him speak for himself. Sitting in a car on the way to Amsterdam airport he gave an interview to Jelle Gerbrandy and Anne-Marie Mineur. This recorded conversation with him, which is included gives a deep insight into his motivations and into his view of the world, the Almighty and, of course, the role of logic. In addition, this volume contains a partially annotated bibliography of his main papers and books. The length of the bibliography and the broadness of the topics covered there speaks for itself.


Preface. `I am a logic'; D. Gabbay. Research Themes of Dov Gabbay. Proofs, Labels and Dynamics in Natural Language; J. van Benthem. What a Linguist Might Want From a Logic of MOST and Other Generalized Quantifiers; H. Kamp. Imperative History: Two-dimensional Executable Temporal Logic; M. Finger, M. Reynolds. Diagrammatic Reasoning in Projective Geometry; P. Balbiani, L.F. del Cerro. On Sentences of the Kind `Sentence `p' is About Topic t'; R. Demolombe, A.J.I. Jones. Two Traditions in the Logic of Belief: Bringing them Together; K. Segerberg. Elimination of Predicate Quantifiers; A. Nonnengart, et al. Labelled Natural Deduction; R.J.G.B. de Queiroz, D.M. Gabby. A General Reasoning Scheme for Underspecified Representations; E. König, U. Reyle. Deductive Systems and Categories in Linguistics; J. Lambek. Towards a Procedural Model of Natural-language Interpretation Crossover: A Case Study; R. Kempson. Transformation Methods in LDS; K. Broda, et al. Labelled Deduction in the Composition of Form and Meaning; M. Moortgat. Formalisms for Non-formal Languages; J.M. Moravcsik. Names Index. Index.
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