Ecological Hydrology and Water Management

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November 2013



Ecological hydrology is a new scientific discipline that has arisen at the boundary of general hydrology and a great number of biological disciplines. The major guidelines of ecological hydrology are analysis of the interrelationships between the components of living and non-living nature and elaboration, on this basis, of norms of admissible depletion and pollution of water bodies. As elaborated, the norms must be made use of in water management systems wherein protection of water ecosystems is assigned the highest priority. In so doing, it should be noted that ecological significance of river ecosystems can vary greatly and, hence, approaches to specific water uses must also differ. From all the main components of ecosystem of the Earth (atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere) water resources are managed the most widely, but not always rationally and not without a damage living nature of water and near-water ecosystems.


(Ph. Dr) is professor of International Sakharov Environmental University. He has published over 200 papers and books.Tatiana Fashchevskaya (Ph. Dr) is senior researcher in the Institute of Water Problems of Russia Academy. She has published over 180 papers and books.
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