Finding Meaning in Dreams

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Distinguished psychologist G. William Domhoff brings together-for the first time-all the necessary tools needed to perform quantitative studies of dream content using the rigorous system developed by Calvin S. Hall and Robert van de Castle. The book contains a comprehensive review of the literature, detailed coding rules, normative findings, and statistical tables.


The Scientific Study of Dream Content. The Hall/Van de Castle System of Content Analysis. The Quality of the Data. Normative Findings on American College Students. Age Differences in Dream Reports. Crosscultural Similarities and Differences. Consistency and Change in Long Dream Series. The Continuity between Dreams and Waking Life in Individuals and Groups. The Repetition Dimension in Dreams and Waking Cognition. Appendix A: The Hall/Van de Castle Coding Rules. Appendix B: The Coding of a Sample Dream Series. Appendix C: Instructions for Reporting Dreams in Written Form. Appendix D: Statistical Appendix. Appendix E: Normative Tables. Index.


` The best single account ever written of dream-content research....this book is one that no one with even a passing interest in dream phenomena can afford to miss. ' David Foulkes ` Written in a clear style...the chapters are well rounded with conclusions that integrate the most important results and relationships. Calvin Hall would have been delighted reading this book, which has convincingly continued and developed his ingenious work. ' Dreaming, December 1997
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