Biolaminated Deposits

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Juni 1987



This book deals with microbial mats, stromatolites and coated grains. Recent and ancient stromatolitic ecosystems are described in peritidal environments, including siliciclastic, carbonaceous and evaporite-dominated back-barrier systems. Various relevant categories were distinguished: - mat-forming microbiota - environmental conditions controlling mat types and lithology - bioturbation and grazing. Recent and ancient microbial mat systems show a latitudinal arrangement which can be used for paleoclimatological and paleogeographical reconstructions. This book should be of special interest to sedimentologists, coastal engineers, ecologists, zoologists, salt plant engineers and marine scientists, as well as to students interested in these fields.


Layered sediment accretion by microbes.- Stromatolite environments in the peritidal zone.- Spanning the gap between microbiology and geology.
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