The Heart of Redness

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August 2003



Camugu, recently returned to Johannesburg and disillusioned by the new democracy, moves to the remote Eastern Cape. There, two groups are at odds over plans to build a vast casino and tourist resort, and Camugu is soon drawn into their heritage and into a bizarre love triangle as well.


Zakes Mda, a novelist and playwright, has received every major South African prize for his work. A former visiting professor at Yale and the University of Vermont, he teaches at Ohio University and is the dramaturge at the Market Theatre, Johannesburg. He lives in Athens, Ohio.


"Brilliant...A new kind of novel: one that combines Gabriel Garcia Marquez's magic realism and political astuteness with satire, social realism and a critical reexamination of the South African past." --"The New York Times Book Review"
"Quiet, subtle, and powerful...Mda's enormous skills as a storyteller are everywhere in evidence, making the book impossible to put down." --"The Washington Post"
"A major step in the new South African novel." --"The Village Voice"
"At once legend and historical document...Mda's novel is the next "Things Fall Apart"....This is a major new novelist." --"The San Diego Union-Tribune"
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