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"Rosshalde "is the classic story of a man torn between obligations to his family and his longing for a spiritual fulfillment that can only be found outside the confines of conventional society.
Johann Veraguth, a wealthy, successful artist, is estranged from his wife and stifled by the unhappy union. Veraguth's love for his young son and his fear of drifting rootlessly keep him bound within the walls of his opulent estate, Rosshalde. Yet, when he is shaken by an unexpected tragedy, Veraguth finally finds the courage to leave the desolate safety of Rosshalde and travels to India to discover himself anew.


Hermann Hesse was born in Germany in 1877 and later became a citizen of Switzerland. As a Western man profoundly affected by the mysticism of Eastern thought, he wrote novels, stories, and essays bearing a vital spiritual force that has captured the imagination and loyalty of many generations of readers. His works include "Steppenwolf," "Narcissus and Goldmund," and "The Glass Bead Game." He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1946. Hermann Hesse died in 1962.


"Hesse's finest short story...This book's maturity, craftsmanship, and truthfulness recommend it as an outstanding work." --"The Oregon Journal"
"Rosshalde shimmers with the vitality of a richly imagined existence." --"The Atlanta Journal-Constitution"
"A kind of disguised biography, an account of Hesse's quite private turmoil on the eve of the war." --"The Christian Science Monitor"
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