Failed States and Fragile Societies

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Considers the phenomenon of state failure and asks how the international community might better detect signs of state decay at an early stage and devise legally and politically legitimate responses.


Contributors David Carment, Yiagadeesen Samy, David Curp, Jonathan House, James Carter, Vanda Felbab-Brown, Robert Rotberg, Ken Menkhaus.


IngoTrauschweizer is an associate professor in the Department of History at Ohio University and an affiliate at the Contemporary History Institute. He is the author of "The Cold War U.S. Army: Building Deterrence for Limited War." His articles have appeared in the "Journal of Military History, Cold War History, " and other journals of history and politics. Steven M. Miner is a professor of history and director of the Contemporary History Institute at Ohio University. He is the author of "Between Churchill and Stalin: The Soviet Union, Great Britain, and the Origins of the Grand Alliance" and "Stalin's "Holy War" Religion, Nationalism, and Alliance Politics, 1941-1945" as well as numerous articles and essays.
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Untertitel: A New World Disorder?. 'Baker Series in Peace and Conflict Studies'. black & white tables, figures. Sprache: Englisch.
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