Principles of Seed Science and Technology

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This Third Edition of Principles of Seed Science and Technology. like the first two editions. is written for the advanced undergraduate student or lay person who desires an introduction to the science and technology ofseeds. The first eight chapters presentthe seed as abiologicalsystemand coverits origin. development. composition. function (and sometimes nonfunctionJ, performance and ultimate deterioration. The last seven chapters present the fundamentals ofhow seedsare produced. conditioned. evaluated and distributed in our modern agricultural society. A new chapter on seed enhancement has been added to reflect the significant advancements made in the last 10 years on new physiological and molecular biology techniques to further enhance seed performance. Because of the fundamental importance of seeds to both agriculture and to all of society. we have taken great care to present the science and technology of seeds with the respect and feeling this study deserves. We hope that this feeling will becommuni­ cated to our readers. Furthermore. we have attempted to present information in a straight-forward. easy-to-read manner that will be easily understood by students and lay persons alike. Special care has been taken to address both current state-of-the-art as well as future trends in seed technology. . We believe this Third Edition represents a new level in presenting information that appeals to advanced undergraduate students as well as to those desiring more fundamental information on seed form and function. At the same time. it continues to havethestrengths ofthe firsttwoeditions.initsreadabilityaswellas itscomprehensive coverage of the broader area of seed science and technology.


Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Reproductive
processes in plants. Seed formation and development. The chemistry of
seeds. Seed
germination. Seed viability testing. Seed dormancy. Seed
vigor and
vigor tests. Seed longevity and deterioration. Seed
production. Seed
conditioning and handling. Seed enhancements. Seed
Seed testing. Seed pathology and pathological testing.
marketing. Seed legislation and law enforcement. Glossary.


`...a useful addition to the increasing literature dealing with seeds.'
Israel Journal of Plant Sciences
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