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David Hilbert was one of the truly great mathematicians of his time. His work and his inspiring scientific personality have profoundly influenced the development of the mathematical sciences up to the present time. His vision, his productive power and independent originality as a mathematical thinker, his versatility and breadth of interest made him a pioneer in many different mathematical fields. He was a unique personality, profoundly immersed in his work and totally dedicated to his science, a teacher and leader of the very highest order, inspiring and most generous, tireless and persistent in all of his efforts. To me, one of the few survivors of Hilbert's inner circle, it always has appeared most desirable that a biography should be published. Considering, however, the enormous scientific scope of Hilbert's work, it seemed to me humanly impossible that a single biographer could do justice to all the as­ pects of Hilbert as a productive scientist and to the impact of his radiant personality. Thus, when I learned of Mrs. Reid's plan for the present book I was at first skeptical whether somebody not thoroughly familiar with mathematics could possibly write an acceptable book. Yet, when I saw the manuscript my skepticism faded, and I became more and more enthusiastic about the author's achievement. I trust that the book will fascinate not only mathematicians but everybody who is interested in the mystery of the origin of great scientists in our society.


I Youth.
II Friends and Teachers.
III Doctor of Philosophy.
IV Paris.
V Gordan's Problem.
VI Changes.
VII Only Number Fields.
VIII Tables, Chairs, and Beer Mugs.
IX Problems.
X The Future of Mathematics.
XI The New Century.
XII Second Youth.
XIII The Passionate Scientific Life.
XIV Space, Time and Number.
XV Friends and Students.
XVI Physics.
XVIII The Foundations of Mathematics.
XIX The New Order.
XX The Infinite!.
XXI Borrowed Time.
XXII Logic and the Understanding of Nature.
XXIII Exodus.
XXV The Last Word.
Hermann Weyl: David Hilbert and His Mathematical Work.
Index of Names.


Hermann Weyl (1885 - 1955), deutscher Mathematiker. Er lehrte in Göttingen, an der ETH in Zürich und, durch Vermittlung von Albert Einstein, bis 1951 am Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.
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