Women in Contemporary Mexican Politics

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Juni 2003



Describes how and why Mexican women are more involved in modern politics.


Introduction The Feminization of Mexican Public Life, and a Note on MethodologyChapter 1 Participation, Representation, and Democracy: How the Personal Becomes the Political for Women in Contemporary MexicoChapter 2 The Social, Economic, and Political Identity of Mexican Women: Negotiating Private and Public SpacesChapter 3 The Women's Movement in Mexico: From Suffrage to the Institutionalization of Gender Chapter 4 Women in Public Office: Building Alliances, Getting Things Done Chapter 5 Women and the Electoral Process: Shifting Gears in the Mexican Political MachineChapter 6 Reframing Mexican Democracy: What Does the Future Hold for Women? NotesBibliography


"This is a highly original work. It is the first book-length study which explores the role of women in Mexican politics. Second, it incorporates the exploration of women within the context of democratization in Mexico, thereby expanding its relevance to a larger issue, one which deservedly has received much attention recently. Therefore, this book offers unique insights compared to other analyses of women in politics and consequently will appeal to a broader audience." Roderic Ai Camp, author of Mexico's Mandarins: Crafting a Power Elite for the Twenty-First Century "Victoria Rodriquez's book helps fill a significant gap in the literature... a very enjoyable book that is an important contribution to our understanding of both Mexican politics and women's political participation."--Journal of Latin American Studies, May 2004
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