PC Hardware Tuning & Acceleration

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From choosing overclocking tools and setting the optimal mode to allowing the fulfillment of the potential of a PC's components, this reference discusses solutions to the problem of computers not performing well enough to accommodate requested tasks. Examined are the particular features of using processors, memory, video adapters, and hard drives both in moderate and extreme modes while trying to obtain a substantial rise in performance for both old computers and computers that contain more modern components. The results of testing computers with various configurations that have overclocked components are also demonstrated. A list of helpful web sites pertaining to acceleration is provided, as well as a guide to choosing components. Also covered are several advanced overclocking topics such as ways of making the CPU and motherboard compatible and the problems with overclocking IDE devices.


Introduction; The Philosophy of Accelerating Hardware; Moderate and Extreme Modes; Basic Components and the Best Choice; BIOS Additional Performance Reserves; Monitoring Hardware; Software Tools Lowering the Heat Buildup; Parameters of Traditional Coolers and Choosing the Right One; Problems with Using Thermodynamic Elements; Methods of Overclocking Processors; Overclocking the RAM; Overclocking the Video Subsystem; Hardware Acceleration of Video Adapter; The Technology of and Problems with Overclocking IDE Devices; Means of Automatically Choosing the Optimal Mode; Stages of Accelerating and Testing Computer; Overclocking as a Way of Making the CPU and Motherboard Compatible; Methods of Analyzing the Results of Accelerating a PC; Recommended Web Sites; Appendix
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