The Essential Earthman

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Henry Mitchell was to gardening what lzaak Walton was to fishing. The Essential Earthman is a collection of the best of his long-running column for the Washington Post. Although he offered invaluable tips for novice as well as seasoned gardeners, at the heart of his essays were piquant observations: on keeping records; the role of trees in gardens (they don't belong there); how a gardener should weather the winter; on shrubs, bulbs, and fragrant flowers--and about observation itself. Here's one example: Marigolds gain enormously in impact when used as sparingly as ultimatums. Henry Mitchell came to his subject with reverence, passion, humor, and a contagious enthusiasm tempered only by his sober knowledge of human frailty. The Essential Earthman is for all who love gardening--even those who only dream of doing it. Henry Mitchell's most memorable pieces from his long-running Washington Post column on gardening.


Preface 1. On the Defiance of Gardeners 2. Earthman vs. the Seasons--Winter 3. Earthman vs. the Seasons--Spring 4. Interlude 5. Earthman vs. the Seasons--Summer 6. Earthman vs. the Seasons--Autumn 7. The Vine List 8. Bad Trees and Good Trees 9. Up and Down the Garden Path--Or, Designs for Gardening 10. "Minor" Bulbs--Major Joys 11. Marigold Madness--Or, Color in the Garden 12. Blossom Time--A Miscellany of Flowering Plants 13. The Tulip Connection 14. Reflections on Gardening 15. Iris 16. Roses 17. Of Toads and Bronze Dogs 18. It's a Jungle Out There! 19. Dahlias--a Lot at Stake 20. An Edible Complex 21. Daffodil-irious 22. Fragrant Flowers--A Potpourri 23. To Shrub It Up 24. Earthman's Earthly Paradise Index


Henry Mitchell grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and attended the University of Virginia. Before joining the Washington Post in 1970, he was a reporter on the Memphis Commercial Appeal and editor of the Delta Review. In addition to the Sunday gardening column, ""Earthman,"" he wrote the ""Any Day"" column which appeared each Friday in the Post (his collection of essays from that column (1997) is also entitled Any Day. He died in 1993. There are two other collections of Mitchell's ""Earthman"" columns in print: One Man's Garden (1992) and Henry Mitchell on Gardening (1998).


.".. an idiosyncratic, down-to-earth journal of the travails and rewardsof gardening for one's own pleasure, not for status or competition. It's funny andreal; a classic for the gardener's library." -- Austin American Statesman
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