Tank Driver: With the 11th Armored from the Battle of the Bulge to Ve Day

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The story of a young man's combat initiation in World War II during some of its most dramatic fighting. Based on letters home, the book has the immediacy of on-the-spot reporting.


Foreword by Spencer C. Tucker Preface 1. The Army Beckons 2. Basic Training at Camp Roberts 3. ASTP at the University of Oregon 4. Camp Cooke 5. Going Abroad 6. England 7. Forced March across Northern France 8. Entry into Battle 9. The Ambush at Noville 10. First and Second Drives to the Rhine 11. Bloody Easter 12. Bayreuth to Grafenwohr 13. Release of Concentration Camp Prisoners 14. Fierce Battle for the City of Regen 15. The Intensity of the Drive Continues 16. Mauthausen, Gusen I and Gusen II Concentration Camps 17. Mass Surrender and Death March 18. Adjusting to Peacetime 19. Waiting to Go Home 20. Belgium Remembers 21. Belgium Revisited May 2000


J. Ted Hartman was 19 years old when he got behind the controls of a tank and drove it into battle. After receiving a discharge from the army, he took a medical degree and became an orthopedic surgeon. He was founding chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the School of Medicine, Texas Tech University, from which he is now retired.


"We followed the acting company commander as his tank started up the narrow road [into Noville]. There were destroyed buildings and disabled German tanks and vehicles everywhere we looked. I was the driver of the fourth tank in the column. It was getting dark and hard to see, so I was driving with my head partway out of the hatch. There was a church on our right and a small crossroads just beyond it. As we passed the crossroads, I saw the burning phosphorus of an armored piercing shell go over my head. Were we in enemy territory? All of a sudden, someone on the radio said, 'The tank of the third platoon leader's been hit.' ... I closed my hatch and turned the periscope to look back toward town. I saw many German soldiers filing out of buildings." from the book
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