Moses: A Memoir

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November 2003



"I am about to die. I suffer no illness nor frailty other than age. Yet, I walk in an unyielding, undeviating destiny." So speaks Moses from Mount Nebo, the place he finally went to and where he reflected on his life, before he died. In this deeply passionate and personal tale, a very human Moses unfolds, a man of destiny who often quailed at what was required of him by God, argued with God, and questioned God's plan for his life. We see through his eyes, we feel through his heart, we understand his doubts and fears as he guides his people, receives the Ten Commandments and always remains human in the midst of his awesome responsibilities and unfolding destiny.In poetic prose, enhanced by biblical commentaries and passages from both the Old and the New Testaments, we see Moses' life revealed in a way that has not been done before. This is a man's life, not just an account of his works. Unique, intensely moving, and resonating with the emotional struggles of a leader of men, this Moses is alive!


Joel Cohen, a former federal prosecutor, practices law in New York City. He writes on different views of criminal defense and legal ethics, which he teaches at Brooklyn Law School. Married, he is an avid reader of history, biography, and religion.
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