101 Questions and Answers on Paul

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Using the format of the 101 Questions series, this book provides a convenient summary of the most important and frequently asked questions about St. Paul, his world and his writings. Based upon years of experience with teaching and lecturing, the author summarizes the latest scholarly approaches to the basic questions about Paul according to the following categories: Paul's life and ministry, Paul as a person, his communities and companions, his letters, his theology, his ethics, and his legacy.This book: -- includes an annotated bibliography of resources for further study.-- can function as a good basic introduction to Paul or a supplement to other textbooks.


Ronald D. Witherup, who holds a doctorate in biblical studies from Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia is currently provincial of the U.S. Province of Sulpicians. The author of several books and articles, he frequently writes and speaks on biblical topics of current interest.
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