Cape Horn

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This is more than the narrative of a voyage. It tells of the Moitessiers' honeymoon trip from Europe to the islands of the Pacific and back along the "logical route" via Cape Horn, a path chosen for its speed. 15 line drawings and maps.


Foreword Part I. Birds of Passage 1. My Paper Boat 2. Like a Well-trained Monkey 3. Like a Lost Dog 4. The Wheel Turns 5. Afloat at Last 6. Towards the Tropics 7. In the Open Sea 8. The Fickle Trades 9. Meeting Place of Ocean Birds 10. Atlantic 11. The Great Turning Point 12. Panama--Galapagos 13. A World which Fear has Spared 14. At the Gates to Polynesia 15. A Dream at a Price Part II. The Logical Route 1. Preparations 2. A Start...Like any Other 3. A Whole Gales 4. In the Heavy Seas of the High Latitudes or the Game of the Little Squares 5. Cape Horn to Port 6. On the Look-out for Icebergs 7. The Horse Latitudes 8. Trade Winds...from the West! Part III. Appendices Designer's Notes Author's Notes


Bernard Moitessier was one of the world's great small-baot sailors. He wrote four other books, all classics of nautical literature. Sailing to the Reefs was Moitessier's first book. The Long Way covered the famous Golden Globe race that he abandoned to "save [his] soul." A Sea Vagabond's World is a practical book and Tamata and the Alliance, finished shortly before his death in 1994, is the magnificent autobiography of this uncommon man.


"This is the story of Bernard and Francoise Moitessier's honeymoon voyage aboard JOSHUA, sailing from Europe to the islands of the Pacific and back by way of Cape Horn, the logical route, which is the fastest way. A true classic by and about one of cruising's best known authors." -- Latitudes & Attitudes, October 2003 "Latitudes & Attitudes"
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Untertitel: The Logical Route: 14, 216 Miles Without a Port of Call. 27 black & white illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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