Management of Penile Cancer

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April 2014



Management of Penile Cancer provides a comprehensive and state-of-the-art overview of the major issues specific to the field of penile cancer. The sections of the book are structured to review the overall scope of issues of penile cancer, including diagnosis and staging, surgical approaches and the treatment of advanced disease. As multidisciplinary care is an integral part of the treatment of penile cancer, this book is unique in the inclusion of collaborating authors from a variety of integrated disciplines, including urology, radiation oncology, medical oncology and reconstructive surgery.Written by recognized experts in their field, Management of Penile Cancer is a unique and valuable resource in the field of penile cancer, both for those currently in training and for those already in clinical or research practice.


1 Introduction to the Management of Penile Cancer Daniel J. Culkin 2 Epidemiology and Natural History Massimiliano Spaliviero & Daniel J. Culkin 3 Pathology, Risk Factors, and HPV in Penile Squamous Cell Carcinoma María José Fernández, Diego Fernando Sánchez, & Antonio L. Cubilla 4 Pathology and Genetics Antonio Augusto Ornellas, Gilda Alves, & Aline Barros de Santos Schwindt 5 Prognostic Factors Joel Slaton 6 Imaging and Clinical Staging for Penile Cancer Olivier Bouchot & Jérôme Rigaud 7 Diagnosis and Management of Pre-Malignant Penile Lesions Asheesh Kaul, Catherine M. Corbishley, & Nicholas A. Watkin 8 Penile-Sparing Surgery Nabil K. Bissada & Mohamed H. Kamel 9 Analysis of Contemporary Treatment of Penis Cancer at the Netherlands Cancer Institute Rosa S. Djajadiningrat, Erik van Werkhoven, & Simon Horenblas 10 Surgical Management of the Clinically Negative and Locally Advanced Inguinal Region in Patients with Squamous Penile Cancer Curtis Pettaway & Lance Pagliaro 11 Primary and Adjuvant Radiation Therapy in the Management of Penile Cancer Özer Algan & Juanita Crook 12 Chemotherapy in Penile Cancer Chris Protzel & Oliver W. Hakenberg



Daniel J. Culkin, MD, FACS
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Department of Urology, Oklahoma City, OK, USA.


From the book reviews: "The purpose is to provide a comprehensive, evidence-based review of penile cancer diagnosis and treatment. ... The intended audience includes trainees in urology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, and primary care. ... this is a terrific overview of penile cancer treatment. It is concise, comprehensive, and supported by excellent illustrations and current evidence. It will become an essential introduction for all trainees interested in taking care of these patients." (Ilia S. Zeltser, Doody's Book Reviews, August, 2014)
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