Practical Digital Signal Processing using Microcontrollers

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November 2013



This text on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) reflects the growing importance of discrete time signals and their use in everyday microcontroller based systems. The author presents the basic theory of DSP with minimum mathematical treatment and teaches the reader how to design and implement DSP algorithms using popular PIC microcontrollers. The author's approach is practical and the book is backed with many worked examples and tested and working microcontroller programs.

The book features:

. Revision of the number theory used in DSP applications

. Examples of currently available DSP development systems

. Revision of the popular mikroC Pro for PIC language used in the book

. Time and frequency domain analysis and processing of discrete time signals using Matlab, including digital convolution and Discrete Fourier Transforms

. Design of practical digital FIR filters using standard microcontrollers

. Design of practical digital IIR filters using standard microcontrollers

. Brief introduction to dedicated DSP chips

The book should be ideal reading for students at all levels and for the practicing engineers who may want to design and develop intelligent DSP based systems. Undergraduate students should find the theory and the practical projects invaluable during their final year projects. Similarly, postgraduate students should be able to develop advanced DSP based projects with the aid of the book.
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