An Introduction to Ultrathin Organic Films: From Langmuir--Blodgett to Self--Assembly

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Mai 1991



The development of oriented organic monomolecular layers by the Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) and self-assembly (SA) techniques has led researchers toward their goal of assembling individual molecules into highly ordered architectures. Thus the continually growing contribution of LB and SA systems to the chemistry and physics of thin organic films is widely recognized. Equally well-known is the difficulty in keeping up to date with the burgeoning multidisciplinary research in this area. Dr. Ulman provides a massive survey of the available literature. The book begins with a section on analytical tools to broaden the understanding of the structure and properties of monolayers and films. Following sections discuss LB films, the preparation and properties of SA monolayers and films, the modeling of LB and SA monolayers, and the application of LB and SA films.


Analytical Tools. Analysis of Film Properties. Analysis of Surface Properties. Langmuir-Blodgett Films. Self-Assembled Monolayers. Modeling of LB and SA Monolayers. Applications of LB and SA Films. Author's Final Note. Index.


"The book will provide an excellent introduction to the subject and a valuable quarry for workers in the field anxious to widen their horizons." --NATURE "A timely book. Dr. Ulman has organized a field that has undergone chaotic growth over the past fifteen years. A must for researchers working on ultrathin films." --Jerome B. Lando, CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSTIY "This book is the first fully comprehensive successor to the classic work of G.L. Gaines that appeared in 1966. Both the aspiring novice and the seasoned researcher will find this book an invaluable reference." --Helmut Ringsdorf, UNIVERSITY OF MAINZ, Federal Republic of Germany "I was certainly impressed with the monumental undertaking. It is encyclopedic in that all aspects seem to be covered in great detail with many references." --J.D. Swalen, IBM ALMEDAN RESEARCH CENTER "The subject of ultrathin organic films has enjoyed an explosive development in the past several years. This book is an excellent summary of this work. Discussions in depth and full treatment of experimental details are given. An indication of the book's thoroughness is provided by the fact that over 1800 references are cited, including a number from 1990. The author, an active worker in the field, has produced a book which will be of great help to others involved in the area." --JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE "This book will be an important resource for scientists involved in advancedmaterials research." --ADVANCED MATERIALS
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