Access 2003 for Dummies

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Walks readers through building a database, executing queries, creating reports, using wizards, developing forms, and handling other core database activities.* Helps the reader conquer the basics of database design and building, data entry, and sharing data on the Web.* Written by John Kaufeld, a bestselling author with sales of over 1.2 million technical books.* Covers all the new Office "X" features, including increased XML readiness.


Part I: Which Came First, the Data or the Base?
Chapter 1: The 37-Minute Overview.
Chapter 2: Finding Your Way Around like a Native.
Chapter 3: Calling the Online St. Bernard and Other Forms of Help.
Part II: Truly Tempting Tables.
Chapter 4: Designing and Building a Home for Your Data.
Chapter 5: Relationships, Keys, and Indexes (and Why You Really Do Care).
Chapter 6: New Data, Old Data, and Data in Need of Repair.
Chapter 7: Making Your Table Think with Formats, Masks, and Validations.
Chapter 8: Making Your Datasheets Dance.
Chapter 9: Table Remodeling Tips for the Do-It-Yourselfer.
Part III: Finding the Ultimate Answer to Almost Everything.
Chapter 10: Quick Searches: Find, Filter, and Sort.
Chapter 11: Pose a Simple Query, Get 10,000 Answers.
Chapter 12: Searching a Slew of Tables.
Chapter 13: Lions AND Tigers OR Bears? Oh My!
Chapter 14: Teaching Queries to Think and Count.
Chapter 15: Calculating Your Way to Fame and Fortune.
Chapter 16: Automated Editing for Big Changes.
Part IV: Turning Your Table into a Book.
Chapter 17: AutoReport: Like the Model-T, It's Clunky but It Runs.
Chapter 18: Wizardly Help with Labels, Charts, and Multilevel Reports.
Chapter 19: It's Amazing What a Little Formatting Can Do.
Chapter 20: Headers and Footers for Groups, Pages, and Even (Egad) Entire Reports.
Part V: Wizards, Forms, and Other Mystical Stuff.
Chapter 21: Spinning Your Data onto the Web.
Chapter 22: Making Forms that Look Cool and Work Great.
Chapter 23: If Love Is Universal, Why Can't I Export to It?
Chapter 24: The Analyzer: Your Data's Dr. Freud, Dr. Watson, and Dr. Jekyll.
Chapter 25: Talking to Your Computer.
Part VI: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 26: Ten Timesaving Keyboard Shortcuts.
Chapter 27: Ten Common Crises and How to Survive Them.
Chapter 28: Ten Tips from Database Nerds.


John Kaufeld has written all previous editions of Access For Dummies as well as several other books. John also operates shippertools.com, an online shipping assistant.
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