The Troublemaker's Teaparty: A Manual for Effective Citizen Action

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The Troublemaker's Teaparty starts where most people start--on small actions focused on local improvement--then shifts to larger actions that transcend place. It includes: bull How to create healthy group relationships.bull How to build local community.bull How to avoid the pitfalls that drive people back into private life.bull How to put the screws on government.bull How to use the media to get results.bull How to think strategically. It also includes: bull Project design, planning and evaluation.bull Negotiating, campaign, and confrontational tactics.bull A summary of what works in social movements.bull New possibilities for direct action and web action. Clear, concise, accessible, and down-to-earth, this will become the definitive citizen guide.


Community Organising; Grassroots Relationships; Designing and Running a Project; Projects That Bring People Together; Practices That Build Community and Democracy; Preventing Grassroots Wilt; Strategic Action; Direct Contact; Media Advocacy; Confrontation 101; Index.


Charles Dobson has spent 15 years involved in community organising, and authored one of the best on-line organising manuals available. An advisor to The Media Foundation, he is an Associate Professor at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, principal of a public interest communications firm, and lives in Vancouver BC.

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