Freud's Alphabet

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Juli 2003



At once a delightfully inventive chronicle of Freud's last days and an insightful reflection on Freudian existence


Dr. Jonathan Tel is the author of Arafat's Elephant, a collection of short stories about Israelis and Palestinians, some of which appeared in Granta, Tikkun, and Best American Jewish Stories, which shed light on the struggle that lies at the heart of the new global conflict. He was educated in the United States and Britain, and studied cosmology with Stephen Hawking. He has worked as an elementary particle physicist and has lived and travelled in many countries.


"Bright, sharply imagined, meticulously home-worked, and engagingly written--these hallmarks of Jonathan Tel's fiction are happily evidenced in this novel about Sigmund Freud's dying years, in London at the outbreak of World War Two."
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