The Class Size Debate

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April 2003



"This is a very important book which may become a classic. The research study is remarkable in its magnitude, breadth and duration.... it is described in a form accessible to practitioners and policy makers."
- Professor Jeremy D. Finn, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA"This fascinating book is one that should be compulsory reading for student teachers... It also provides challenge and insight for experienced teachers. ...a stimulating source of evidence which will challenge people to consider their own approaches and what might constitute good practice. ...an important contribution to the class size debate."
- Inservice JournalOne of the most important debates in education in recent years has been about the effects of class size differences in schools. This book provides the most complete analysis to date of the educational consequences of class size differences, and sets out to solve the puzzling gap between professional experience and research findings.This book:
  • Examines results from a pioneering research project of international significance, unique in its scale and methodology
  • Investigates the relationships between class size and pupil achievements by detailed examination of classroom processes
  • Considers the view that small classes provide better teaching and learning, and why this is not supported by past research findings
  • Identifies implications for policy at government, LEA and school level, teacher education and professional development
  • Indicates implications for practice - maximising opportunities of small classes and minimising problems in large classes.
Written in an accessible style and drawing upon examples from classroom life, this book is important reading for student and practising primary school teachers, M.Ed and doctoral students, teacher educators, researchers and policymakers.


The Institute of Education class size study
research approach and methods
Connections between class size and within class grouping
Class size and teaching
The effect of class size on support for reading
Class size and children's attentiveness and peer relations
The role and effects of teaching assistants
Class size and educational progress
Class size and educational progress
what can we conclude?


Peter Blatchford is Professor in Psychology and Education at the Institute of Education, and Head of the School of Psychology and Human Development. He is an experienced researcher, who has worked on a number of projects over the past twenty five years. His main area of interest is social developmental processes in school settings. As well as the research project on the educational effects of class size differences and pupil adult ratios at Key Stage 1 and 2, he is co-directing (with Maurice Galton and Peter Kutnick) a major ESRC funded project on improving the effectiveness of pupil groups in classrooms. He has an international reputation for his work on children's social relationships in school and school breaktimes.
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