Changing Nature of Religious Rights under International Law

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The right to freedom of religion or belief has become a matter of increasing controversy, both politically and in international law. This book provides a detailed assessment of the right in its contemporary context, analysing its current status, the impact of the 1981 Declaration, and the challenges facing the continued existence of the right.


Baroness Berridge of the Vale of Catmose: Forward;
Malcolm Evans, Peter Petkoff and Julian Rivers: Introduction;
1 Mary Ann Glendon: Religious Freedom in the Secular Age;
2 Heiner Bielefeldt: Towards a Clear Conceptualization of Freedom of Religion or Belief;
3 Malcolm Evans: Freedom of Religion or Belief- New Challenges;
4 Michael Wiener: Thirty Years 1981 Declaration as Reflected in Twenty -Five Years Mandate Practice of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief;
5 Natan Lerner: Incitement to Hatred and the 1981 UN Declaration on Religion or Belief;
6 Elizabeth Cassidy and Cathy Cosman: A View from the United States: US Bilateral and Multilateral Promotion of Freedom of Religion or Belief;
7 Thomas Krapf: Lost Opportunities and Missed Targets: Notes on Freedom of Religion or Belief in the Organization of Security and Co-operation in Europe;
8 Knox Thames: Old is New: Europe and Freedom of Religion or Belief;
9 Dennis de Jong: The Contribution of the European Parliment to the Protection of Freedom of Religion or Belief through the External Relations of the European Union;
10 Cristopher McCrudden: Faith-Based Non-Governmental Organizations in the Public Square;
11 Peter Petkoff: Translating Across Secular and Religious Legal Cultures and Public International Law;
12 David Jaeger: The Holy See's Perspective on Religious Freedom;
13 Gary Wilton: Religion, Human Rights and Foreign Policy;
14 Cole Durham and Elisabeth Clark: Corporate Religious Freedom;
15 Ilias Bantekas: Freedom of Religion in Transnational Contract and Commercial Transactions


Evans, Malcolm/ Petkoff, Peter/ Rivers, Julian
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