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In Oracle8i For Dummies, Second Edition, author Carol McCullough takes the complexity out of the features available in Oracle8i Release 2 and Enterprise Manager version 2.1.4 and makes them easy to understand. She'll uncover all you need to know about features like built-in support for XML and Enterprise Java Beans, new security options for Internet applications, and new performance and tuning tools included with Enterprise Manager. With her easy-to-follow examples, you'll quickly become familiar with the database and tools and be ready to put them to work.


Part I: Road Map.
Chapter 1: A Quick Tour of Oracle8i.
Chapter 2: Data Whaaaat? A Database Primer.
Chapter 3: SQL Nuts and Bolts.
Chapter 4: Object SQL: The New Stuff.
Chapter 5: Using the Enterprise Manager DBA Tools.
Part II: Getting Started.
Chapter 6: The Relational Model and You.
Chapter 7: Diagramming Your World.
Chapter 8: Getting Familiar with Oracle8i Data-Dictionary Views.
Chapter 9: Oracle's User.
Part III: Putting Oracle8i to Work.
Chapter 10: Defining Tables, Tablespaces, and Columns.
Chapter 11: Creating Object Types, Objects, and References.
Chapter 12: Security Options: Roles and Grants.
Chapter 13: Views and Synonyms: Do You See What I See?
Chapter 14: Oracle Portal: The Best New Tool for the Internet.
Chapter 15: Java and the Internet Database.
Chapter 16: XML and Enterprise Java Beans.
Chapter 17: The Five Ws of Safeguarding Your Data.
Part IV: Tuning Up and Turbocharging.
Chapter 18: What's Slowing Down Your Query?
Chapter 19: Speeding Up Queries with Keys and Indexes.
Chapter 20: Correcting Flaws.
Part V: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Good Design.
Chapter 22: Ten Handy Oracle8i Internet Features.
Part VI: Appendix.
Appendix: Glossary.
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Carol McCullough-Dieter develops Oracle training courses and large Oracle systems. Her many books include Oracle8 Developer's Guide and Oracle8 Bible.
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