Visual Basic .Net Database Programming for Dummies

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November 2001



Visual Basic.NET Database Programming For Dummies covers everything you need to get up and running with this substantially changed version of Visual Basic and to begin creating databases for the new Microsoft .NET Platform. This book introduces programmers to quick database solutions with Visual Basic.NET; provides step-by-step instructions on how to design and build databases from scratch; and shows you how to create reports, validate and index data, and create custom controls. The book also demonstrates how to connect your database to the Internet.


PART I: The Basics of Databases.
Chapter 1: The Big Picture.
Chapter 2: Databases 101: How Databases Work.
PART II: Making a Connection.
Chapter 3: Getting Connected with Data Controls.
Chapter 4: Exploring the Data Form Wizard and Other Assistants.
Chapter 5: A Collection of Connections.
PART III: Contacting the User.
Chapter 6: Simple ASP.NET Data Binding and Web Controls.
Chapter 7: Designing a User Interface.
PART IV: Building a Database.
Chapter 8: Creating a DataSet.
Chapter 9: Managing DataSets.
Chapter 10: Validating and Indexing Your Data.
PART V: The Internet Connection.
Chapter 11: Translating Windows Applications to WebForms.
Chapter 12: Active Server Pages: Mixing HTML with VB.
Chapter 13: ASP.NET: Mixing HTML, XML, and VB .NET.
PART VI: Hands-On Programming.
Chapter 14: Migrating to ADO.NET.
Chapter 15: Acronym Soup: DAO, XML, ODBC, ADO, ADO.NET.
Chapter 16: More about ADO.NET.
Chapter 17: Killing Bugs.
PART VII: Working with Queries.
Chapter 18: Automatic SQL: Using Query Builder.
Chapter 19: A Brief Dictionary of SQL.
PART VIII: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 20: Ten Great VB .NET Tips.
Chapter 21: Ten Important Topics that Don't Fit Elsewhere.


Richard Mansfield is the author of the Visual InterDev 6 Bible, Visual Studio 6 For Dummies, and many other computer books. He is the former editor of Compute! magazine.
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