Survival Reading Skills for Secondary Students

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August 2003



A wealth of strategies, tools, and worksheets to help secondary students improve their reading skills This comprehensive, practical resource provides teachers with all the tools they need to help students master reading and succeed in the classroom and in their life. Dr. Miller, a nationally recognized reading specialist and author, offers hundreds of proven strategies covering all areas of importance for content and daily-life reading success, including sight word knowledge, phonics skills, vocabulary, and comprehension--survival reading skills such as how to use catalogs, read a bus schedule, apply for a driver's license, and more. Dr. Miller provides a section of informal tests to help assess a student's reading level, then proceeds to explain strategies for understanding content, with a final section on reading for pleasure. The book includes nearly 100 worksheets for student practice and reinforcement.


Wilma H. Miller, Ed.D., is professor emerita of Reading Education at Illinois State University in Normal, where she taught for 30 years. Dr. Miller has written nearly 200 published journal articles dealing with various aspects of reading, and she is the author of numerous books including: The Reading Teacher s Survival Kit, Phonics First!, Ready-to-Use Activities & Material for Improving Content Reading Skills and Reading Skills Problem Solver, all from Jossey-Bass.
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