Leading in an Upside-Down World: New Canadian Perspectives on Leadership

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April 2003



Fifteen Canadians with highly diverse perspectives explore the timely issue of leadership in a changing world.


J. Patrick Boyer introduces this important and fresh work, by considering the implications for leaders of "an upside-down world" and drawing a distinction between leadership and management, noting how many in positions of authority are not "leaders" but office holders. A journalist, lawyer and author, Patrick Boyer served as Member of Parliament for a decade, including a two-year stint as parliamentary secretary at External Affairs during the ending of the Cold War and two more years as parliamentary secretary at National Defence during the Gulf War, a participant-observer at close range for a couple of the many transforming events that contributed to the "upside-down nature" of our present world. An adjunct professor of political science at University of Guelph, he teaches a new graduate level course "Ethics in Leadership."
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