The Letters of Peter Le Page Renouf (1822-1897): Besancon (1846-1854)

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Sir Peter le Page Renouf (1822-97), a Guernseyman, was described by Lord Acton as "the most learned Englishman I know". The letters in volume 2 cover Renouf's years as Tutor to the son of the Comte de Vaulchier in France and, from 1850, there are frequent trips to Switzerland.


"Fine, spacious, classic typography." Books Ireland Oct 2002 "This volume of letters is an important addition to the knowledge of the subsequent life and career of an Oxford convert in the middle of the nineteenth century." Recusant History 2003 "This four volume collection of letters is now complete and will be a lasting monument to Renouf ... Professor Cathcart applies his scholarship with great attention to the details of matters ecclesiastical as well as Egyptylogical ... the writer of the letter is identified, the text to each letter is set out and notes appear at its foot ... each volume commences with a biography of Renouf and ends with a list of brief lives of the principal correspondents or of individuals who are referred to in the letters. The work is printed on good quality paper and the typeface is clear and attractive. The production is a credit to the publishers, the University College Dublin Press." Geoffrey Allez, La Societe Guernesiaise Report and Transactions XXV (4) 2004 "Professor Cathcart, in these four volumes of letters has presented a clear, endurable and credible picture of an important figure who touched in many ways the varied moods of the nineteenth century. He has supplied a fine introduction, unobtrusive notes, full biographies of all correspondents, a useful bibliography of source material and a user-friendly index. It is a model of how a collection of letters should be presented." A. Alan McClelland Recusant History 2007
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