Victory and Woe

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September 2002



An account of life at the grassroots during the Irish War of Independence and the Civil War by the Officer Commanding, 2nd Battalion, West Limerick Brigade of the Irish Volunteers.


"The editor's short introduction whets the appetite for the publication of his doctoral dissertation at Ann Arbor ... Harnett has found an excellent recorder and interpreter." Paidraig O Snodaigh Books Ireland Summer 2003 "Although, neither eloquent nor written for effect, it reveals the unconscious poetry of a life attached to rural Ireland, its people and its places. It speaks of a generosity of spirit and an unselfconscious heroism beyond the emotional and ideological reach of latter-day revisionism." Irish Literary Supplement Spring 2006 "University College Dublin Press has now published over thirty 'Classics of Irish History'. These contemporary accounts by well known personalities of historical events and attitudes have an immediacy that conventional histories do not have. Introductions by modern historians provide additional historical background and, with hindsight, objectivity." Books Ireland Nov 2007 "Scholars of nineteenth-century Irish and Irish-American politics should reacquaint themselves with these classics, part of a long running and immensely useful series from University College Dublin Press." Irish Literary Supplement Fall 2008
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Untertitel: The West Limerick Brigade in the War of Independence. 'Classics of Irish History'. 3 b&w illustrations, 1 map. Sprache: Englisch.
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