Recoveries: Neglected Episodes in Irish Cultural History 1860-1912

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Februar 2003



Darwin in Ireland - John Tyndall and the Irish churches; a mechanical age: the culture of "Titanic"; field days: knowledge in Victorian Belfast.


"Foster's scholarship and excellence makes for elegant reading, which is helped by polite typography." Books Ireland Oct 2002 "these essays by John Wilson Foster show a remarkable critical agility and discursive expertise. They contain much to relish, and much to ponder." Times Literary Supplement Jan 2003 "Irish cultural studies gains much from his recoveries." Irish Studies Review 11 (2) 2003 "an important contribution to Cultural Studies, introducing an original perspective and offering a rigour and clarity that has often been lacking in the field." Journal of Irish Studies XVIII 2003 "This is a wonderfully absorbing study of long neglected cultural and literary vibrancy and debate." Irish Economic and Social History 2004 "Foster's excellent book in its learned, intent fashion is a kind of hymn sung ... to his native city and Ulster Protestant culture it generated." Canadian Journal of Irish Studies Spring 2004
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