Changing Shades of Orange and Green: Redefining the Union and Nation in Contemporary IR

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Juli 2003



Introduction - constitutional innovation and political change in twentieth-century Ireland, John Coakley. Part 1, Political perspectives: Redefining northern nationalism, Alban Maginness MLA; Redefining republicanism, Mitchell McLaughlin MLA; Redefining unionism, David Ervine; Redefining Ireland: a sounthern viewpoint, Desmond O'Malley; Part 2, Academic perspectives: The reorientation of constitutional nationalism, Jennifer Todd; The transformation of republicanism, Paul Arthur; The growth of new unionism, Richard English; The emergence of new loyalism, James McAuley; The fading of traditional nationalism in the Republic of Ireland, Tom Garvin; Conclusion: new strains of unionism and nationalism, John Coakley; Appendix, Perspectives on the future of Northern Ireland: selected political documents.


"Thought provoking." Sunday Tribune Dec 2002 "John Coakley and UCD Press have put together a useful and timely volume reflecting on the changing nature of unionism and nationalism in Ireland." Irish Political Studies 18 (1) 2003 "Coakley, who has made major contributions to the study of nationalism in Europe, has ably edited this volume ... a useful collection emphasising the continuing importance of nationalism in Ireland and elsewhere." Political Studies Review 1 (3) 2003 "Coakley presents a positive vision for the working of the Good Friday agreement, with the development of 'north-south' and 'east-west' linkages, within the overall context of a European Union." Irish Democrat Sept 2003 "contributes valuable material to a growing body of literature on the recent peace process and scholarship on nationalism, identity, and citizenship more generally. The editor's excellent general introduction and conclusion fill in conceptual and contextual gaps; political documents ... are included in the appendix. Highly recommended." CHOICE March 2004
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