A Student's Guide to Developmental Psychology

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This major new undergraduate textbook provides students with everything they need when studying developmental psychology.' Guiding students through the key topics against the latest findings on brain development and neuroscience, the book takes a chronological approach to developmental psychology by highlighting the key milestones at each age, making clear links between changes in behaviour and developments in brain activity. Each chapter also highlights both typical and atypical developments, as well as discussing and contrasting the effects of both genetic and environmental factors. It is accompanied by online supplementary resources, including a wealth of exclusive video clips to illustrate key developmental concepts.


1. Framework and Methods 2. Theories and Approaches 3. Introduction to Infancy 4. Cognitive Development in Infancy 5. Early Language Development 6. Social and Emotional Development in Infancy 7. Introduction to the Preschool Years 8. Cognitive development in the Preschool Years 9. Language Development in the Preschool Years 10. Social and Emotional Development in the Preschool Years 11. Introduction to Middle Childhood 12. Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood 13. Literacy 14. Social and Emotional Development in Middle Childhood 15. Introduction to Adolescence 16. Cognitive Development in Adolescence 17. Social and Emotional Development in Adolescence
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