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This new edition of an extremely successful practitioner's handbook incorporates the many changes in the definition and assessment of dyslexia and in educational policy (including some new legislation) that have taken place since the second edition was published in 1998.
Completely revised and updated throughout, there are also new chapters covering learning styles, secondary school aspects, and dyslexia throughout the lifespan.
* Covers recent reports and legislation teachers and policy makers need to know about
* Provides practical material on instruction and teaching
* Written by an internationally well-known author
Praise for the Second Edition:
..".I found the handbook practical, readable, concise and an invaluable resource." Frederika Ritherdon, Principal SEN Officer, Bolton LEA
"Your books are in hot demand from the library." Angie Silbery Shoji, CEO, Specific Learning Disabilities Association, New Zealand


Introduction; The Acquisition of Literacy - Reading; The Acquisition of Literacy - Spelling and Writing; Assessment - Criteria and Considerations; Assessment - Practice; Process; Teaching Approaches; Metacognition and Study Skills; Learning Styles; Inclusion; Secondary Education; Further and Higher Education and the Workplace; Multilingualism and Dyslexia; Perspectives; Comment and Conclusion


"...I cannot begin to list all the useful and interesting information covered in Gavin Reid's book..." (www.family2000.org.uk, 22 April 2003)
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