Black American Students in an Affluent Suburb

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Februar 2003



Focuses on the role of community forces in academic disengagement among Black American Students at every social class level; the study extends Ogbu's ongoing research on minority education.


Contents: Preface. Acknowledgment and Dedication. Introduction. Part I: Black Academic Achievement and Its Explanations. Black-White Academic Achievement Gap. Academic Disengagement in Shaker Heights. Explaining the Academic Gap; Conventional and Alternative Explanations. Part II: Societal and School Forces. Race Relations. Pygmalion in History, Society, and School. Leveling. Counselors, Teachers, and Discipline. Part III: Community Forces. Opportunity Structure: Schooling and Getting Ahead. Collective Identity, Culture, and Language. Peer Pressures. The Family. Community Forces and Academic Disengagement: A Summary of Findings. Policy Implications.


"For those who are interested in nurturing high-achieving African American students, regardless of their place in the educational system, Ogbu's findings may help to craft policies that result in significant improvements in the levels of academic achievement." -Fall 2006, The Journal of African American History
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