The Trident Practical Guide to Offshore Trusts

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Dezember 1999



This guide provides an analysis of the legislative changes that have occurred in various offshore jurisdictions around the world. It provides analysis of the legislative conditions prevailing in each of the 14 international trust jurisdictions, supplemented by significant statutory provisions.


Introduction: geographic location; communications; history and legal system. Trust law: legal developments; pertinent legislative provisions; type of trusts and their different uses. Proper law of a trust: the choice of proper law; effect of choice of proper law; possible conflict with foreign laws. Creation of a trust: trust property, duration, termination, beneficiaries; trustees - definition, qualification, powers, duties, liabilities and remuneration; protectors - definition, qualifications, powers, duties, liabilitites and remuneration. The trust deed: essential contensts of a valid trust; invalid or unenforceable trusts; amending a trust; letter of wishes. Trust administrations: general management issues; distributions; meetings and resolutions; employng agents; changing administrators. Taxation and fiscal regulations; confidentiality and non-disclosure; statutes.
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