Xunzi: The Complete Text

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This is the first complete, one-volume English translation of the ancient Chinese text Xunzi, one of the most extensive, sophisticated, and elegant works in the tradition of Confucian thought. Through essays, poetry, dialogues, and anecdotes, the Xunzi articulates a Confucian perspective on ethics, politics, warfare, language, psychology, human nature, ritual, and music, among other topics. Aimed at general readers and students of Chinese thought, Eric Hutton's translation makes the full text of this important work more accessible in English than ever before.


Acknowledgments ix Introduction xi A Traditional Timeline of Early Chinese History xxxi
Chapter 1: An Exhortation to Learning 1
Chapter 2: Cultivating Oneself 9
Chapter 3: Nothing Improper 16
Chapter 4: On Honor and Disgrace 23
Chapter 5: Against Physiognomy 32
Chapter 6: Against the Twelve Masters 40
Chapter 7: On Confucius 47
Chapter 8: The Achievements of the Ru 52
Chapter 9: The Rule of a True King 68
Chapter 10: Enriching the State 83
Chapter 11: The True King and the Hegemon 99
Chapter 12: The Way to Be a Lord 117
Chapter 13: The Way to Be a Minister 133
Chapter 14: On Attracting Men of Worth 141
Chapter 15: A Debate on Military Affairs 145
Chapter 16: The Strong State 163
Chapter 17: Discourse on Heaven 175
Chapter 18: Correct Judgments 183
Chapter 19: Discourse on Ritual 201
Chapter 20: Discourse on Music 218
Chapter 21: Undoing Fixation 224
Chapter 22: Correct Naming 236
Chapter 23: Human Nature Is Bad 248
Chapter 24: The Gentleman 258
Chapter 25: Working Songs 262
Chapter 26: Fu 277
Chapter 27: The Grand Digest 288
Chapter 28: The Right-Hand Vessel 318
Chapter 29: The Way to Be a Son 325
Chapter 30: The Proper Model and Proper Conduct 330
Chapter 31: Duke Ai 333
Chapter 32: Yao Asked 339 Appendix 1: Important Terms and Names 344 Appendix 2: Cross-Reference List 347 Textual Notes 359 Bibliography 385 Index 387


Eric L. Hutton is associate professor of philosophy at the University of Utah.


"An outstanding translation of the complete text of the Xunzi. Eric Hutton has succeeded in providing a translation that is both philosophically precise and highly readable. This will help introduce one of the most important philosophical texts from early China to a larger audience."--Michael Puett, Harvard University
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