A Grammar of Justice

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November 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the massacre of the Jesuit community of the University of Central America in San Salvador, including the rector, Fr. Ignacio Ellacuria. Since then, Ellacuria has achieved an international reputation as one of the most brilliant contributors to liberation theology and one of the most important Jesuits of the post-conciliar era. The title of this collection alludes to the 'grammar of assent, ' Cardinal Newman's argument for the role of faith in countering the 'debilitating rationalism' of his age. In a similar way, Ellacuria envisioned a 'grammar of justice' as a response to postmodern apathy. Along with Ellacuria's classic essay, 'Utopia and Propheticism from Latin America, ' this volume includes original essays by an international team of scholars, among them Gustavo Gutierrez and Jon Sobrino."


J. Matthew Ashley is the author of Ignatius and the Theologians. Kevin F. Burke, S.J., is the coeditor of Love that Produces Hope and author of The Ground Beneath the Cross. Rodolfo Cardenal, S.J., is the former vice-rector of the University of Central American in San Salvador.
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