Canada's National Standardized Testing Program

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The quality and efficiency of educational systems in Canada are a growing concern for educators, politicians, economists, parents, and ultimately students. The metric for measuring the efficacy of school systems usually involves standardized test scores. This book explores Canada's national large-scale testing program, the School Achievement Indicators Program (SAIP) and its successor, the Pan-Canadian Assessment Program (PCAP) using a methodology built on Foucault's theoretical concepts. The study considers the work of Canadian scholars and commentators working in the field of large-scale testing and the work of those working in aspects of education that are proximal to the field of interest. The study also explores standardized testing regimes operating in England and the United States as well as international testing programs to gather the effects of these correlative spaces on the Canadian experience. The outcomes of the research should be useful to educators, policy makers, and economists.


Margaret Dagenais: PhD Educational Psychology, University of Regina works as a Program Planning Consultant at Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST), Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Margaret's interests include the application of Foucault's concepts to understand the production of knowledge.
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