Market-Driven Politics: Neoliberal Democracy and the Public Interest

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This book provides an original analysis of the key processes of commodification of public services, the conversion of public-service workforces into employees motivated to generate profit, and the role of the state in absorbing risk.


Colin Leys is Emeritus Professor of Political Studies at Queen's University, Canada. He has taught at universities in Uganda, Kenya and the UK, and has since 1997 been co-editor with Leo Panitch of Socialist Register. His previous books include Politics in Britain, The Rise and Fall of Development Theory and, with Leo Panitch, The End of Parliamentary Socialism.


""Neoliberal democracy is arguably the most important political notion of our age, yet it is one that is very poorly understood. Colin Leys has come to our rescue with a brilliant and accessible presentation of the concept, chock full of hard empirical data and case studies. I strongly urge all who are concerned with the future of democracy to read this book."" -- Robert W. McChesney, author of Rich Media, Poor Democracy Collin Leys's book drives a hole through the politics of the third way and the assertion by its government and multinational backers that it is possible to have universal services like the BBC and the NHS delivered in the marketplace. It cannot be praised highly enough."" -- Allyson Pollock, School of Public Policy, University College, London
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