Low Protein Cookery for Phenylketonuria

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August 1997



Much more than a cookbook, Low Protein Cookery for PKU (Phenylketonuria) is a practical and easy-to-use guide for those who must maintain a protein-restricted diet for treatment of PKU or similar inherited diseases of protein metabolism. It contains hundreds of helpful suggestions for managing the diet. This third edition of Low Protein Cookery for PKU appears exactly twenty years alter the original 1977 publication and includes the 450-plus recipes and the hints from the 1988 second edition that have been used and enjoyed by families for nearly a decade. The major new feature of the third edition is entirely new nutrient calculations. The available food supply has changed significantly in the past fifteen years, and nutrient information is much better now. The nutrient calculations in this edition of the cookbook are based on the updated 1995 Low Protein Food List for PKU compiled by the author, which is the most widely used food list for the PKU diet in the United States. Some of the changes in nutrient values are subtle, others more significant; all reflect the best information currently available.


Virginia E. Schuett is founder and director of National PKU News in Seattle, Washington, and editor of that organization's newsletter. She has been working with PKU-affected families since 1972 and has published numerous articles and other educational materials on the subject.
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